CAPE-OPEN standards provide an open interface that allows seamless integration of CAPE modules from various software vendors. SimSci-Esscor has embarked on a project designed to provide its flagship process simulation software, PRO/II, with open interoperability, integration, and reusability through emerging CAPE-OPEN standards.

The PRO/II process simulation program performs rigorous mass and energy balances for a wide range of chemical processes. PRO/II offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use simulation solution from oil and gas separation to reactive distillation. CAPE-OPEN is an emerging standard that is gaining acceptance in process simulation and SimSci-Esscor is committed to providing this functionality within the PRO/II environment.

Benefits achieved

The development has been done by breaking out sections of the existing code and wrapping them to provide the new interfaces. PRO/II already has the functionality for a unit operation model developer to write their custom unit operation, so the CAPE-OPEN unit operation interfaces were wrapped around this native functionality. PRO/II also provides all the basic services that a CAPE-OPEN unit operation needs to be able to run, so the CAPE-OPEN functions like the Material Template, Diagnostics and Utilities interfaces have been added and linked to the appropriate PRO/II functions. Finally, the Material Object interfaces were wrapped around the existing PRO/II thermodynamics . C++ wrappers have been written on the large body of legacy FORTRAN code.

Using CAPE-OPEN interfaces implemented in PRO/II:

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