The CAPE-OPEN Unit-operations Simple package (COUSCOUS) is shipped by AmsterCHEM with COCO. The library contains a splitter, a mixer, heat exchangers, pumps and reactors amongst other unit operations. ChemSep-LITE, a limited version of ChemSep with a maximum of 40 compounds and 300 stages, can serve as an equilibrium distillation unit operation in COCO.

COUSCOUS library is at version 3.5 (released on May 3, 2021) and the full installation of COCO can be downloaded from this page.

Discussion and support about the use of COUSCOUS is available in the forum dedicated to these CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations on the CAPE-OPEN Forum provided by CO-LaN. Many examples of flowsheet created in COFE using COUSCOUS Unit Operations are made available by AmsterCHEM.