Logo of Process Systems EnterprisePSE provides a family of advanced process modelling products all built on a single, unified modelling and solution platform – the gPROMS platform.

The gPROMS platform provides all the essential functionality – drag & drop flowsheeting, first-principles custom modelling, parameter estimation, and most important, a powerful optimisation framework that allows you to seek optimal solutions directly rather than by trial-and-error simulation.

The gPROMS family provides a scalable solution for all your process modelling requirements from R&D to online operations, from general purpose flowsheeting to optimisation of reactor and crystallizer design.

Because all products are built on a single common platform, they provide a consistent user experience, with interoperable components where appropriate.

gPROMS implements a CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic socket. Any CAPE-OPEN Property Package adhering to version 1.0 of the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification, can be plugged into gPROMS and called from within a gPROMS model.

gPROMS is one of the very few CAPE-OPEN PMEs implementing the CAPE-OPEN Numerical interfaces. Additional functionalities to the main concept, i.e. the Equation Set Object, have even been introduced as reported by Rolandi et Romagnoli (2009).

Use of CAPE-OPEN Equation Set Object in gPROMS has been reported in the literature:

Use of CAPE-OPEN Property Packages in gPROMS has been reported in the literature by several groups: