Logo of ChemSep

ChemSep is a simulation tool for distillation, absorption, and extraction operations. It integrates flash calculations, the classic equilibrium stage column model, and a nonequilibrium (or rate-based) column model in one easy to use program.

The latest version features our most robust and fastest simulator yet. Computation speed is high even when your simulation includes scores of different compounds. ChemSep has been tested with many difficult industrial columns such as demethanizers, debutanizers, refluxed absorbers, azeotropic and extractive distillation; all run without requiring the user to make any initial guesses. The new version is more robust thanks to some novel convergence methods that now have been implemented. Together with an intuitive and easy to use interface separations problems can be solved more rapidly than before.

Few column simulators run inside other simulation environments, but ChemSep does! Using CAPE-OPEN technology ChemSep can be run as a column model inside all major CAPE-OPEN compliant flowsheeting packages. CAPE-OPEN also means that ChemSep can use any CAPE-OPEN compliant thermodynamic package (including those of your favorite flowsheeting tool) and it allows any variable to be specified as in- or output variable. ChemSep offers a variety of ways to analyze simulation results, including a completely configurable mode that can export results to Excel.

ChemSep includes more validated mass transfer coefficient, pressure drop, and capacity models than other programs. ChemSep’s non-equilibrium model with integrated design method allows you to include nonequilibrium columns in flowsheets at the conceptual design stage. ChemSep now offers several vendor design methods and pressure drop models for both trayed and packed columns.

ChemSep 8v26 has been released within the distribution of COCO 3.5 on May 3, 2021.