Picture of Jasper van BATEN, AmsterCHEM. 2020Within the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting, Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM) presented (PDF, 618 Kbytes) the status of Phase III in the COBIA development project.

A recording of the presentation is available on the CAPE-OPEN Channel at YouTube. The demonstrations are available only in the recording.

AmsterCHEM has been contracted by CO-LaN to develop COBIA, the CAPE-OPEN specific middleware made available by CO-LaN.

The scope and work plan of Phase III of the COBIA development project was launched by CO-LaN Management Board on February 11, 2021 and on April 19, 2021 the first work orders were signed by CO-LaN on tasks of the work package (n° 1) dedicated to marshalling. Marshalling was recognized back in 2018 as a necessary feature of COBIA and a preliminary design described at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting. At the CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting, Jasper van BATEN described the high-level design to be used for marshalling.

The detailed design of marshalling in COBIA was developed within work package n° 1, reviewed by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group, and then implemented. Several modifications were brought to the detailed design during the implementation phase. The objective of work package n°1 of COBIA Phase III is to develop a generic marshaler that can be used to make a 32-bit COBIA-based application interoperate with a 64-bit COBIA-based application.

Within the presentation, it is demonstrated that the marshalling mechanism developed works to that end, using a COBIA-based PME and a COBIA-based PMC developed for Phase I of the COBIA project, therefore showing that marshalling takes place without any need to modify the applications between which marshalers are operating.

After this demonstration, Jasper indicates what remains to be done in work package n°1 of COBIA Phase III.

Next Jasper addresses the COBIA threading models and how they relate to the COM threading models. It appears that some details of the COBIA threading models need still to be sorted out in order to complete work package n° 1.

Jasper ends the presentation by demonstrating that the marshalling mechanism can be used to make a COBIA-based application on Windows interoperate with a COBIA-based application on Linux.