Logo of SIRIUS (a Norwegian Centre for Research-driven Innovation) on Scalable Data AccessWithin the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting, Dr David CAMERON presented (PDF, 990 Kbytes) on the reasons why University of Oslo, through SIRIUS, a Norwegian center for research-driven innovation, has recently joined CO-LaN as an Associate Member.

The live recording of this presentation is available on the CAPE-OPEN Channel hosted by YouTube, as part of the playlist gathering all recordings made during the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting.

David is the SIRIUS centre coordinator. where SIRIUS addresses the problems of scalable data access in the oil & gas industry. It conducts interdisciplinary research leading to innovations that will advance and support digitalization in the oil and gas industry.

David has extensive knowledge of CAPE-OPEN acquired as development manager at Fantoft Prosess AS and Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies.

Quoting David, “The process simulator is a vital application in development of the design basis since frequent and comprehensive exchange of heat-and mass balance data is required”. CAPE-OPEN targets process simulation and standardizes the communication between the various software objects used in process simulation. SIRIUS is especially interested in the Material Object approach which is an integral part of CAPE-OPEN.