Logo of CO-LaN smallWithin the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting, Dr Malcolm WOODMAN presented (PDF, 179 Kbytes) on the design of the CO-LaN Test Suite. He also demonstrated the first prototype based on this design. The PDF does not provide a view of the demonstration made live during the session.

A recording of the presentation including the demo is available on the CAPE-OPEN Channel at YouTube.

Malcolm, formerly with BP Upstream, represented BP in CO-LaN for many years, acting as President from November 2010 till December 2015. He received the CAPE-OPEN 2015 Award.

Malcolm has been contracted by CO-LaN to supervise the design and the development of the CO-LaN Test Suite.

First Malcolm provided an analysis of the feedback obtained on the techniques used for testing software within organizations that develop and maintain process simulation software. The feedback received shows that many different testing environments are used, raising the requirement to provide C++/C# interfaces in the Test engine in order to accommodate the connection to so many tools. Another requirement from this analysis is that reports created by the Test Suite should be parseable.

Then Malcolm touched upon the high-level design given to the Test Suite before outlining how the Test Suite is meant to be used.

Next Malcolm stressed that components to be tested do not need to be modified in order to be exercised by the Test Suite. He also listed the limits given to the Test Suite in terms of middleware used by components tested and of which versions of the CAPE-OPEN standard is considered by the Test Suite.

Malcolm outlined the hierarchy of tests that are managed by the Test Suite and how such Tests are defined and developed. After demonstrating live how runs the first prototype of the Test Suite, Malcolm listed the steps to be covered in 2021 and 2022.

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