Logo of UCT as of July 2021Within the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting, Vinushi CHITRANSHI from University of Cape Town, presented (PDF, 631 Kbytes) on her research supervised by Professor Klaus MÖLLER in association with Associate Professor Ryno LAUBSCHER of Stellenbosch University (and formerly from University of Cape Town).

A recording from this presentation is also available on the CAPE-OPEN channel at YouTube.

Vinushi’s research targets innovative reactor configuration for Fischer-Tropsch (FT).

FT is a process which can convert synthesis gas derived from natural gas, coal or even biomass to automobile fuels and other useful products. Here the potential of plate type reactors over the conventional tube reactors is explored through various modelling techniques. A plate type reactor has catalyst particles squeezed between two plates with steam as a cooling medium on either sides, with syngas passing through catalyst particles.

A model was constructed in COCO and ANSYS, a CFD software for the plate and tube geometries. The challenge was to make fit the two models, 2D in ANSYS and 1D in COCO in order to simulate the entire process in COCO.