Today the constitutive assembly of CO-LaN took place at IFP in Rueil-Malmaison, France.


2:00 till 2:15 Objectives of CO-LaN (by Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG, IFP, Global CAPE-OPEN Project Manager)

2:15 till 2:45 CO-LaN organisation and bylaws (by Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG, IFP)

2:45 till 3:15 Services provided by the CO-LaN: web site, CO Tester (by Michel PONS, TotalFinaElf)

3:15 till 3:30 CO-LaN budget (by Michel PONS)

3:30 till 4:00 Break

3:45 till 4:15 General discussion to reach consensus (monitored by Kerry IRONS, Dow Chemical)

4:15 till 4:30 Registration of founding members (by Kerry IRONS)

4:30 till 4:45 Wrap-up (by Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG)

Founding members are: Hyprotech (rep.: Sergi SAMA), ProSim SA (rep.: Stéphane DECHELOTTE), RWTH.LPT (rep.: Wolfgang MARQUARDT), CAPEC-DTU (rep.: Rafigl GANI), ENSIACET-INPT (rep.: Xavier JOULIA), RWTH.IS (rep.: Matthias JARKE), Hiroshi OKADA, Peter BANKS, Hans-Horst MAYER, Peter EDWARDS, Shell International Chemicals (rep.: Hans PINGEN), The Dow Chemical Company (rep.: Kerry IRONS), BASF (rep.: Ronald Alexander KLEIN), DECHEMA e.V. (rep.: Richard SASS), Air Liquide (rep.: Philippe ARPENTINIER), UPC (rep.: Luis PUIGJANER). IFP (rep.: Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG), TotalFinaElf (rep.: Michel PONS).

Watch for articles on the launch of the CO-LaN in upcoming issues of European Chemical News, Chemical Engineering (USA), and Process Engineering (UK).