Logo of CO-LaN smallCO-LaN makes available today the release of COBIA,  available for download here.  This version forms part of Phase II of COBIA development project. This release includes support for ICapeThermoPetroleumFractions as well as maintenance fixes. 

CO-LaN recommends that COBIA based applications are shipped with the latest COBIA Runtime. COBIA is targeting multiple platforms and fixes apply to issues found both on Linux and Windows platforms. 

The distribution is made of three elements: 

COBIA Runtime can be freely used and redistributed. COBIA Runtime consists of middleware components that will be installed on the end-user’s computer during installation of COBIA-based Process Modelling Environments (PMEs) and Process Modelling Components (PMCs) developed by a software provider. The COBIA Runtime is intended to be distributed with and utilized by third-party software. 

The COBIA Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided for free as a stand-alone installation package which distributes a set of components and tools that are used by a software developer to create software that utilizes COBIA as the middleware for CAPE-OPEN interoperability. The SDK includes code generators to help create the source code of interfaces developed from the CAPE-OPEN Interface Definition Language (IDL) specifically adapted to COBIA. The SDK installer installs COBIA Runtime as well. 

Development and maintenance of COBIA is conducted by AmsterCHEM for CO-LaN. 

The following support tickets are resolved by this release: 

  • Ticket #188 – add support for ICapeThermoPetroleumFractions to COBIA and COMBIA 
  • Ticket #179 – resolves ECapeThrmPropertyNotAvailableHR conversion issues through COMBIA. 

CO-LaN encourages all software developers to use version 

Previous release was version released on September 19, 2023. Version was downloaded 133 times for the SDK installer, 130 times for the archive of runtime merge modules, and 133 times for the runtime installer since it was made available. 

Questions on COBIA 1.2 can be posted on the CAPE-OPEN forum dedicated to COBIA.