Picture of Michel PONSAt the constitutive assembly of CO-LaN held on January 30, 2001, Michel PONS (TotalFinaElf) gave an overview of the technical services provided by CO-LaN to its membership and to the CAPE community at large.

The specification development process was especially covered: how it is initiated, which organization carries out the development (Special Interest Groups), the lifecycle of a specification, etc… Another technical activity is the labelling of  CAPE-OPEN based applications, using the CAPE-OPEN Tester technology. Another service is the possibility to list on the CO-LaN website applications making use of CAPE-OPEN technology. The CO-LaN website is an integral part of the strategy along with repositories both private and public.A Bulletin Board Service is also provided.

The presentation concludes by stating the permanent commitment of CO-LaN:

  • to deliver full support to member activities
  • to build upon advanced and proven technologies
  • to minimise internal development activities

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