Logo of CO-LaN smallHere is a summary of what took place in August 2019.

CO-LaN is organizing the CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on October 22 and October 23 with Shell hosting the meeting in its facilities. Presentations by BASF and Technische Universität Berlin have already been secured as part of the program. You are invited to attend and to present on CAPE-OPEN. Please notify your intents as soon as possible by answering this message. It is your participation which has always made CAPE-OPEN meetings a success.

CO-LaN has issued a Request For Bids on August 29. It pertains to a set of software services (development, deployment, maintenance, etc…) for the CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool, for the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries and Primary Interop Assemblies and for the Certification Self-test suite. Consider answering this Request For Bids, by end of September.

CO-LaN has put in motion the consultancy services delivered to KBC Advanced Technologies and to HTRI, has decided on consultancy services for Optimized Gas Treating and has contracted AmsterCHEM as well for this action. CO-LaN has also decided to award consultancy services to AspenTech in order to help this company progress on CAPE-OPEN based interoperability.

On the specification side, the Flowsheet Monitoring interface specification, developed by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group, has been released. Time for you to look at it in some depth. Also CO-LaN is confirming the deprecation of version 1.0 of the Thermodynamics and Physical Properties interface specification. It provides a good reason to move to version 1.1.

Please take note also that the representative of BASF in CO-LaN has changed. After recent changes at BP and the Dow Chemical Company, CO-LaN is both sad to see Peter MAUER leaving and excited to have Norbert ASPRION taking the vacated seat.

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