CO-LaN Management Board issues today a Request for Bids regarding software services.

Scope of work

CO-LaN wishes to engage a single contractor to undertake:

  • Software design
  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Deployment
  • Documentation
  • Support

as directed by and in support of Michel Pons (Chief Technology Officer) and Michael Halloran (Lead Interoperability software consultant), for various software which is commissioned and delivered by CO-LaN.

The software includes (but is not limited to):

Note that the development and maintenance of the COBIA middleware is not currently included in the list of software to be supported, but this may change in the future.

The skills required to undertake these tasks include:

  • Knowledge of the CAPE-OPEN standards
  • Software installation, in particular
    • Windows Installer
    • WiX Scripting
      • As this is the software selected by CO-LaN
      • although an understanding of other windows installer software may be sufficient as a starting point
  • Understanding of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows registry
  • .NET / .NET assembly language
  • The languages used in the development of the software to be supported (C++ / C# / Microsoft IDL)
  • Software testing and debugging
    • A basic understanding of 3rd party CAPE-OPEN compliant environments and components may be required for testing purposes
    • Including experience in use of a defect tracking system such as TRAC and of version control systems such as SVN


It is envisaged that the engagement will be governed by an annual over-arching “call-off” contract, which specifies all of:

  • Maximum number of hours work a calendar year
    • Note that CO-LaN will not commit to provide this level of work, but the total annual commitment must not exceed this number of hours
  • Hourly rate for any work undertaken
  • Methodology for requesting individual projects under the call-off contract
  • Confidentiality agreement

The actual work undertaken and the committed spend by CO-LAN will be defined by individual work-orders under the call-off contract, each of which will need to be approved by a nominated member of the CO-LaN Management Board.

The maximum man-hours covered by the call-off contract is expected to be in the range 200-500 (depending on the total budget available and the proposed daily rate). The size of each of the individual work orders will depend on the scope of the project to be undertaken. As an example, the work-order for the development, maintenance, deployment and support of COLTT is expected to require circa 50-80 man-hours / year.

Please note that CO-LaN is interested in a long-term trusted business relationship, giving mutual benefits to both parties.

Request for Bids

In order to identify and choose a suitable contractor for this work, the CO-LaN Management Board is issuing this Request for Bids (RFB). To express your interest in providing the service to CO-LaN as described here, please respond by 30th September 2019 with the following information:

  • Maximum number of days/year you are able to provide
  • Minimum number of days/year which will make such a contract viable
  • Hourly rate
  • Experience with implementation of the CAPE-OPEN interfaces
  • Skills set currently available
  • How you will gain required skills that are not immediately available
  • Name(s) of person/people who would fulfil any contract agreed
  • Any other relevant information

If you have any queries relating to this Request For Bids, please contact Malcolm WOODMAN (CO-LaN Interoperability SIG Leader) by e-mail (). Questions and the answers will be provided to you and anyone else who has indicated they are planning to respond to this Request For Bids. Please find hereafter answers by Malcolm WOODMAN to questions raised so far.

Q1: “Is the Request For Bids an open request?”

A1: “Very definitely, there is no preferred supplier and all bids will be fully considered on their merits.”

Q2: “Is it possible to bid for part of the contract?”

A2: “The preference is for a single supplier, but bids for part of the contract will be welcome, especially as there may be no single supplier who can meet all the requirements.”

We look forward to receiving your proposals to fulfil this Request For Bids. These should also be sent to Malcolm WOODMAN by e-mail () by September 30, 2019.