As of today the contract of service between CO-LaN and AmsterCHEM has been signed by both parties. The contract refers to the consultancy services awarded to Optimized Gas Treating, Inc (OGT), on July 11, 2019 by CO-LaN Management Board, following a request made by OGT back in February 2019. The consultancy services are provided by AmsterCHEM to OGT.

CO-LaN is pleased to contribute to the development of a new CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation through the support provided to OGT.

The consultancy services are meant to provide assistance, in the form of access to a specialist consultant and limited funding, in the new implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces or the improvement of existing CAPE-OPEN interface implementations. CO-LaN’s intent in providing these services is to encourage the full implementation of efficient and error free interfaces, to increase the uptake and use of the CAPE-OPEN interfaces in the future.

CO-LaN is looking forward to see the CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation ProTreat® delivered to the market by OGT.