The Management Board met today face-to-face  at the Shell Technical Center Amsterdam.


Air Liquide (represented by Philippe ARPENTINIER on the phone), BASF (represented by Peter MAUER), BP (represented by Malcolm WOODMAN), The Dow Chemical Company (represented by Isaiah HUANG on the phone), Shell (represented by Richard BAUR), Michel PONS (CO-LaN contractor), Bryn STENHOUSE (CO-LaN contractor)



The minutes from the September meeting were accepted without change.

Only some of the outstanding actions were reviewed at the meeting due to time constraints. Michel PONS was given the task to contact LAMY to better understand their potential to help CO-LaN with the pending legal advice issues. Air Liquide has agreed to take up the Treasurer role from TOTAL. The CO-LaN activities and financial reports for 2015 were reviewed and updated for presentation at the subsequent AGM.