address : Technische Universität Berlin
Sekretariat KWT 9
Straße des 17. Juni 135
D-10623 Berlin

phone : +49 30 314 26900

Approval date : 22/11/2011

Process Dynamics and Operations Group: Our Vision is to create knowledge of optimal design and optimal operation of industrial processes to define how a sustainable future of process and energy technology will look like. We undertake fundamental and applied research in complex environments and implement our findings into industrial applications. Our main expertise includes modeling, simulation and optimization of different processes as well as experimental investigations from microscale to mini-plant. Model Development is essential for the development of optimal design and efficient operation of processes. The central point of this research focus is to systematically and efficiently develop stationary and dynamic models. Fundamental objectives in model formulation, numeric solutions and documentations are treated. Our self-developed modeling environment MOSAICmodeling is specifically designed and used for this purpose.


Back in 2011, when TU Berlin was approved as Associate Member in CO-LaN, Dipl. Ing Robert KRAUS represented TU Berlin in CO-LaN.

Then when Robert left TU Berlin to work for Bayer in 2014, Dr.-Ing. Gregor TOLKSDORF was designated as representative. Gregor has been very active with respect to CAPE-OPEN: he has presented his work at several CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings (2013, 2015, 2017) and contributed to a number of papers describing the various aspects of CAPE-OPEN within MOSAICmodeling. Gregor left TU Berlin in 2018 to work with Evonik Industries.

Dr-Ing. Erik ESCHE is representing TU Berlin in CO-LaN since May 2018.

MOSAICmodeling and CAPE-OPEN

Data exchange and CAPE-OPEN

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