Logo of ESCAPE26 conferencePicture of Gregor TOLKSDORFAt the ESCAPE-26 conference held on June 12-15, 2016 in Portoroz, Slovenia, Gregor TOLKSDORF from Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) presented a paper co-written with TUB’s collaborators and Jasper van BATEN at AmsterCHEM, describing their strategy of a collaborative modeling and code generation tool applied to CAPE OPEN-compliant unit operations. This work showed not only the advantages of the CAPE-OPEN standard for interoperability in process science but also the advantages of automatic code generation based on mathematical analysis of the equation systems.

Gregor described early results of his work at CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings and, as of 2016, is representing Technische Universität Berlin in CO-LaN.

Logo of National Technical University of AthensWithin ESCAPE 26, it is worth also noting a paper by the National Technical University of Athens on a new software framework that enables the real design of biochemical reactors with interactive mass transfer coefficients adapted for each case. A link with CAPE-OPEN is mentioned as future work to be conducted.