Logo of Technische Universität BerlinMOSAICmodeling is a free, web-based modeling, simulation, and optimization environment. Based on a LaTeX-style entry method for algebraic and differential equations, equation systems can be built and subsequently used for simulation and optimization.

Based on a steadily growing library of existing models of chemical engineering applications, large-scale flowsheets, optimization problems, etc. can be built. MOSAICmodeling provides automatic code generation for numerous simulation and optimization environments, such as AMPL, Aspen Custom Modeler, GAMS, gPROMS, MATLAB, Modelica, and for solvers interfaced via C++, FORTRAN, Python, etc.

Version 2.3.3 was released on March 28, 2018 by Technische Universität Berlin. MOSAICmodelling automatically creates the code of a Scilab Unit Operation.

MOSAICmodeling in its ability to use CAPE-OPEN technology has been presented at CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings: