AuthorsCover of Computer Aided Chemical Engineering volume 40 (ESCAPE 27 proceedings): Gregor TOLKSDORF, Erik ESCHE, Günter WOZNY, Jens-Uwe REPKE

Affiliation: Technische Universität Berlin, Process Dynamics and Operations Group, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Reference: Tolksdorf, G., Esche, E., Wozny, G., & Repke, J. U. (2017). Automatic Generation of Simulation Code for Embedding Custom Unit Operations in CAPE Software. In Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (Vol. 40, pp. 463–468). Elsevier B.V.

Abstract: “In this contribution we present a novel approach for users of an equation-based modelling environment to create highly customized, reusable transformation models for automatic code generation. When such a model is applied on an equation system describing a unit operation, export-/implementation-ready simulation code can be generated for CAPE-OPEN-compliant flowsheeting environments and erroneous manual implementation can be avoided. Necessary features for a transformation-model class enabling the code generation for a unit operation are determined. In a case-study the successful application of a transformation-model instance on a model of a membrane separation unit operation is demonstrated. It shows the correctness of the implemented models and highlights the power of this model-driven approach regarding customizability and reusability.”

Comments: the authors describe the Transformation Model implemented in MOSAIC. The Transformation Model permits to transform the description of a model, such as a unit operation model, into a code implementation. Transformation models exist for MATLAB, Scilab and C++. The Scilab one is demonstrated which gives a Scilab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation as implemented by AmsterCHEM. Thanks to MOSAIC, end-users may create various CAPE-OPEN implementations of their Unit Operation models, implementations which are consistent with the software tools they are used to.

CAPE-OPEN related papers cited in text:

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