Robert KENDER from TU MunichOliver KOCH, Linde Engineering representativeThe presentation (access PDF here) was made on June 4, 2019 at the Technical University of Munich. Its co-authors are:

The presentation slides explain the motivation behind CAPE-OPEN and what CAPE-OPEN is. They also describe the missions of CO-LaN and list the process modelling environments and process modelling components that have implemented CAPE-OPEN interfaces. Links are included to the CAPE-OPEN page on Wikipedia and to the CO-LaN website. These websites contain references to several CAPE-OPEN related presentations e.g. a MATLAB® use case by academia, and an application of a Dividing Wall Column model, presented at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting.

With a specific example, the authors demonstrate how interoperability works with CAPE-OPEN: a reactor model developed in MATLAB® from MathWorks® is wrapped as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation using the MATLAB® Unit Operation from AmsterCHEM. This unit operation is then embedded into the process simulators UniSim® Design from Honeywell and Aspen HYSYS® from AspenTech.

The importance of process simulation for Linde Engineering is highlighted, explaining how the in-house physical property software interacts with other software through CAPE-OPEN. A summary of applications used at Linde Engineering is given together with their interrelation through CAPE-OPEN.

As a conclusion the authors state that CAPE-OPEN provides a bridge allowing engineers to leverage more knowledge from existing components.