Martin GAINVILLE, representative of IFP New Energy in CO-LaN (2021-)

At the CAPE-OPEN 2023 Annual Meeting, Martin Gainville from IFPEN, presented the preliminary interoperability tests of CARNOT Property Package Manager in CAPE-OPEN 1.1 Process Modelling Environments. 



IFPEN has been a major actor within the CAPE-OPEN community ever since it managed the European-funded projects in which the CAPE-OPEN standard was successfully proved as a concept, developed to a very large extent, and released as version 1.0. In particular, IFPEN has prototyped CAPE-OPEN interface specification like the Dynamic Unit Operation, developed a Wizard for Unit Operation in C++, introduced CAPE-OPEN support to its in-house thermodynamic server (CARNOT), developed CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations, made heavy use of various applications supporting CAPE-OPEN (Python Unit Operation, PRO/II, COFE, MultiFlash, etc…).

IFPEN has recently upgraded CARNOT, transforming it in a Property Package Manager in compliance with CAPE-OPEN 1.1 interface specification.

Some preliminary interoperability tests have been performed both in PRO/II and COFE Process Modelling Environments. These tests use the Python CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation developed by AmsterCHEM in which a two-phase flow pipeline is modelled and the CARNOT Property Package Manager that provide for the calculation of physical properties and phase equilibrium. The tests relies on identical Process Modelling Components used in both PMEs in the same conditions. Simulations performed in both Flowsheet Environments provide identical results. The expected consistency obtained through CAPE-OPEN based interoperability is achieved.