Picture of Sergej BLAGOV, BASF (2018)Logo of CO-LaN smallAt the CAPE-OPEN 2023 Annual Meeting, Dr Sergej BLAGOV presented the progress report of the Thermo Special Interest Group of CO-LaN over the last year.

Sergej is a thermodynamic expert at BASF and acts as co-leader, with Jasper van BATEN, of the CO-LaN Special Interest Group focusing on thermodynamics. He received the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Award from CO-LaN.

Sergej reports on the specifications of tests for the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite for Property Packages. Tests need to be specified for each CAPE-OPEN interface implemented on a Property Package. For each test, the necessity to refer to explicit sections of the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification prompted Thermo SIG to develop extensive errata and clarifications for this major CAPE-OPEN specification. An excerpt of these errata and clarifications is presented.

The presentation below is slightly different from the one presented live. An error made by CO-LaN Chief Technology Officer made Sergej present on a previous version of the report. The one below represents more accurately the activities of Thermo SIG over the period reported.