Picture of Olaf BERGLIHN, representative of SINTEF (2021)Logo of SINTEFAt the CAPE-OPEN 2023 Annual Meeting, Olaf Trygve BERGLIHN, from SINTEF, will give a contribution, together with M. LYSBERG and I. KIM, about the development they conducted of a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation.

This contribution exemplifies that using CAPE-OPEN in a project with several partners ensures that the software deliverables can be put to use by all partners. SINTEF reports also here on the successfull use of COBIA middleware to speed up development of a CAPE-OPEN software application.

Olaf is a senior research scientist at SINTEF Industry, expert in chemical engineering unit operations and process plant. He is actively working on the development of software incorporating custom thermodynamic models and unit operations models that can be used in CAPE-OPEN aware simulators. He is the representative of SINTEF within CO-LaN.

In 2010, Olaf obtained a PhD in chemical engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) working on the development of methods for dynamic simulation that exploits the mathematical structure of thermodynamic equilibrium formulations.


The COMPMEM project targeted the small industrial scale testing and qualification of a membrane process for sub-sea CO2 separation and reinjection. The pilot scale process was built and operated at SINTEF’s facilities in Trondheim, Norway. Using the results of the pilot tests a counter-current membrane separation model was developed in FORTRAN with a standard C-interface, and this model was incorporated into a CAPE-OPEN PMC written in C++ using the CAPE-OPEN COBIA library and tools.

During the development of the PMC, some issues were encountered due to deviations in how simulator vendors have interpreted the CAPE-OPEN standard for array parameters and the definition of enthalpy derivatives with respect to mole numbers.

The PMC was successfully deployed in multiple CAPE-OPEN compliant simulators, leveraging COBIA’s built in and seamless interoperability layer for COM-based implementations. The COMPMEM project was funded by GASSNOVA in the “CLIMIT DEMO” programme with SINTEF, Total, CCP (BP, Chevron, Petrobras), Equinor, Pertamina, and Aker Carbon Capture (coodinator) as partners.