2023 picture of Malthe LINDQUIST, process engineer at Blue World TechnologiesAt the CAPE-OPEN 2023 Annual Meeting, Malthe Lindquist from Blue World Technologies, presented on his experience with using AmsterCHEM Python Unit Operation in the modeling of methanol fuel cells systems. Blue World Technologies actively develops and manufactures methanol fuel cell components and systems for the automotive and heavy-duty transportation sectors.

Malthe Lindquist has been working in the engineering field since 2021. Malthe began his career as an Intern at Blue World Technologies in 2021 and was promoted to Thermal Engineer in 2022.

Malthe has completed a Master’s degree in Thermal Energy and Process Engineering from Aalborg University from 2020 to 2022, and a Bachelor of Engineering – BE in Civilingeniør, Energi from Aalborg University from 2017 to 2020.


Blue World Technologies needed to create a process model to investigate the efficiency and power output of a fuel cell system in which the methanol is reformed. The reformer is an equipment that is inherently hard to model. Using the generic unit operations of the COUSCOUS library integrated in COFE, the exit composition and the energy needed for the process were not estimated as needed. Therefore, Blue World Technologies created a python code to simulate the reformation process. The code contains the reaction kinetics and calculates the energy needed for the reaction to occur. This python code was then integrated in a COFE flowsheet via the CAPE-OPEN Python unit operation provided by AmsterCHEM.