Picture of David CAMERONLogo of SIRIUS (a Norwegian Centre for Research-driven Innovation) on Scalable Data AccessAt the CAPE-OPEN 2023 Annual Meeting, David CAMERON from University of Oslo presented on DEXPI+.

CO-LaN is in interaction with the DEXPI project through meetings like the one held on January 16, 2020 and through exchanges of various documents. CO-LaN welcomes the opportunity to learn more about DEXPI+ that brings closer the process simulation world in which CAPE-OPEN is and engineering information.


The recently developed Process package for the DEXPI standard, also known as DEXPI+, provides a modelling language for representing the engineering information and requirements used in early-phase, process, design. These activities have been poorly supported by standards, so that Process Flow Diagrams are often shallow drawings, without linkage to the plant design. Similarly simulation data and stream tables are managed using legacy tools and spreadsheets.

DEXPI+ provides a framework for organizing this early phase data so that it can be linked to plant design and used for operational optimization.

The data model deliberately builds on concepts from CAPE-OPEN, and we believe that the model can support modified CAPE-OPEN interfaces that allow exchange of simulation set-up and results in a programmatic, vendor-neutral work. This talk will present DEXPI+ in this context and sketch some ways that it can support automation of simulation and process optimisation.