Logo of 3DS Dassault SystèmesAt the CAPE-OPEN 2023 Annual Meeting, Claas HECKEL from Dassault Systèmes, presented on the implementation of a CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic socket in Dymola.

Claas is the Multi-Physics Modeling Software Engineering Manager at Dassault Systems Deutschland GmbH. He graduated in 2013 from Hamburg University of Technology in Energy and Environmental Engineering. He develops Modelica content, mainly in the field of battery and process simulation. and in 2013 from Hamburg University of Technology in Energy and Environmental Engineering.

His presentation brings together several aspects of interest to CO-LaN, to the CAPE-OPEN community and to DYMOLA users. Dymola stands now as a new Process Modelling Environment featuring CAPE-OPEN support, here through a CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic socket. This socket has been implemented using COBIA, the CAPE-OPEN specific middleware developed by CO-LaN. Conclusive tests have also been carried out on a Linux platform, incidently proving the multi-platform capability offered by COBIA.


Dymola is a development and simulation environment based on the Modelica modeling language. It offers an object-oriented, acausal modeling approach that is well suited for modeling cyber physical systems.
For the dynamic simulation of system models in the field of process engineering, the use of accurate material data can be essential. In order to meet this requirement and to give the user maximum flexibility in the choice of thermodynamics and material property models, a CAPE-OPEN interface for Dymola has been developed.
The CAPE-OPEN interface allows for a standardized and seamless integration of existing thermodynamics and fluid property packages into complex system simulations. This unlocks new possibilities for research and industrial applications in the field of process modeling.
In this presentation the architecture of the interface is introduced and a few examples and possible applications made accessible by Dymola are presented.