Logo of CO-LaN smallHere is a summary of what took place in October 2019.

This month major event for CO-LaN was the CAPE-OPEN 2019 Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on October 22 and October 23 with Shell hosting the meeting at its facilities.

More than 30 participants attended (end-users, software vendors, academia) and the agenda was well packed with 17 presentations and one discussion session on top of the Annual General Meeting. The presentations are now available from the CO-LaN website. They include activity reports from Special Interest Groups (Thermo, Unit, Methods & Tools, Interoperability), results (OGT) and expectations (KBC) of Consultancy Scheme actions, experiences with CAPE-OPEN software (BASF, National Technical University of Athens, University of Cape Town), business and technical requirements for the upcoming Certification scheme, etc…

In Amsterdam, CO-LaN Management Board raised the issue that the funding model of CO-LaN, where end-user organizations are the only financial contributors, is not sustainable past 2020. It is proposed to ask Corporate Associate Members to contribute as well. All CO-LaN Members and other interested parties are welcome to comment, before the end of 2019, on this proposal, outlined in the status report given at the Annual General Meeting, so that a decision may be taken at the beginning of 2020 by CO-LaN Management Board, with application for the next lifetime period of CO-LaN (2021 – 2026).

It was also a pleasure for CO-LaN to present the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Award to the Process Dynamics and Process Operations Group of Techniche Universität Berlin for MOSAICmodelling’s innovative code generation supporting CAPE-OPEN.

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