View of Cincinnati hosting AIChE 2005 Annual MeetingAIChE 2005_Annual_Meeting ProceedingsThe AIChE 2005 Annual Meeting took place between October 30 and November 4, 2005 in Cincinnati, OH.

On October 31 morning, Michel PONS presented a paper (27b), co-authored with Alain VACHER from ProSim SA, on the access to rigorous thermodynamics in MATLAB through CAPE-OPEN and Simulis Thermodynamics.

Steve ZITNEY (US DOE – National Energy Technology Laboratory) presented a paper (375c) on the CAPE-OPEN linkage between FLUENT and Aspen Plus within the session on Sustainable Energy II. The communication describes the progress made toward developing an Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulator (APECS) for the design and optimization of future energy plants to achieve a sustainable balance between efficiency, economics, and environmental performance.

Picture of Michel PONSOn November 1st, Michel PONS participated to the 10e Programming Meeting of the CAST Division of AIChE where he proposed to organize the 3rd US CAPE-OPEN event at AIChE 2006 Annual Meeting. The organization of the 3rd US Annual CAPE-OPEN meeting as a Topical Conference within AIChE 2006 Annual Meeting was accepted, thanks to the support of Jim DAVIS (Associate Vice Chancellor – Information Technology – UCLA) and of Vince GRASSI (Air Products). Jim holds the position of 10e Programming Coordinator for 2005 and Vince the position of 10e Programming Coordinator for 2006.