Picture of Michel PONSLogo of ProSim SAWithin AIChE 2005 Annual Meeting, Michel PONS presented a joint paper (PDF, 862 Kbytes) with Alain VACHER (ProSim SA) about linking a CAPE-OPEN rigorous thermodynamic model, here from Aspen Properties to MATLAB using Simulis Thermodynamics as a go-between.

Paper 27b belongs to a session on Integrating Data, Knowledge Models and Tools, chaired by Gary STENERSON from ExxonMobil Chemical. The session ended up with a round-table discussion which raises questions such as “Integrating data, models and tools can affect a large number of people and organizations.  How do you estimate the benefits and costs for each of the stakeholders to be able to estimate total benefits and costs?”.

The presentation begins by stating the objectives of the CAPE-OPEN standard and the missions of the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network. Then a quick description of the software portfolio of ProSim SA is given before listing the capabilities of Simulis Thermodynamics.

Drawing from presentation made at AIChE 2005 Annual Meeting on MATLAB/SimulisThen the dual CAPE-OPEN functionality of Simulis Thermodynamics, as a plug and a socket is illustrated and its reliability stated. Here it is the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic socket of Simulis Thermodynamics which will be put to use.

Using the MATLAB Toolbox, it is then demonstrated, step by step, how to make use of a CAPE-OPEN Property Package from Aspen Properties within MATLAB.The m file defining the tasks performed by MATLAB is explicited. The calculation to be performed: at 1 atm is dew point and bubble point temperatures over the entire composition range of water-ethanol mixture (101 points). The calculated values are plotted.

The presentation concludes on the cheaper, better and faster design, operation and control of processes that CAPE-OPEN helps achieve.

Y05 AIChE Simulis