Logo of IFP Energies NouvellesIFP, now known as IFP New Energy, was a founding member of CO-LaN back in 2001 after having led several European funded projects on CAPE-OPEN (CAPE-OPEN, Global CAPE-OPEN, Global CAPE-OPEN Support). All along these years since CO-LaN foundation, IFP New Energy status was one of a professional organization and consequently IFP New Energy was among the Full Members of CO-LaN, taking a prominent role in CO-LaN activity. IFP New Energy was also active in many SIGs and in promoting CAPE-OPEN in different conferences.

Taking into account the success of the CAPE-OPEN standard, IFP New Energy considers that its role on the CO-LaN Management Board is not any more necessary as the industry has fully taken over the management of the standard and its evolution. Thus IFP New Energy status within the CO-LaN organization will be of a Corporate Associate Member as of January 1, 2011. IFP New Energy remains committed to see CAPE-OPEN fully implemented by all process simulation software vendors and continues to be engaged in a number of projects where CAPE-OPEN technology is used.