ImprimerIn June 2012, CO-LaN had launched a Request For Comments on the proposed interface specification for hydrodynamics. This RFC did not receive sufficient attention to be meaningful.

This is another attempt to draw attention to this interface specification that was developed by a team of knowledgeable people in the field of hydrodynamic but who are seeking input from other experts.

The interface specification document is found as a Word document (CO Hydro 0.1.008 Specification (draft). The prototype developed at IFPEN to demonstrate usability of the interface design is found as a zipped file (130710 HydroServerDiff). It consists in a client developed in Excel VB and in a Hydrodynamic Point Model developed in C++ based on a simple two-phase correlation. The source code of the prototype is made available. The Interface Definition Language (IDL) file based on interface definitions defined in the specification document is also provided with the prototype. The RFC period opens up on September 17, 2013 and is due to finished on October 31, 2013.