logo of Society of Petroleum EngineersMartin GAINVILLE (IFP) made a presentation on the Transient Integrated Networks Analysis (TINA) project at the 2007 Annual Conference of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) held in Anaheim (ATCE 2007), CA from November 11 till November 14, 2007. The presentation titled “Integrated Flow Modeling Platform Using CAPE-OPEN Standard” was co-authored with Pascal ROUX (IFP), Michel PONS, Alain RICORDEAU (TOTAL) and Didier PAEN (RSI).

Relying on CAPE-OPEN, TINA integrates unit operation models supplied by IFP in the INDISS platform from RSI. TINA uses third-party thermodynamic calculation servers, such as MultiFlash.

The paper stresses out that “The interchangeability allows the end-user to choose the most convenient software components for the purpose of a study, and the interoperability allows integrating the latest research improvements together with third-party software components into a global model.