The Interoperability SIG met from 9 am till 10 am European Central Time.


Malcolm WOODMAN, Michael HALLORAN (Contractor for CO-LaN), Michel PONS (Contractor for CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer)


Document on lessons learnt from the development of the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries / Primary Interop Installers has been released to CO-LaN Management Board and to the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group at the beginning of June. Feedback is expected.

The occurrence of “old” CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries in some software installation activities, leads to issues that have been analyzed by Michael HALLORAN. The need to add in COLTT additional tests regarding the presence of “old” CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries on a given system is proposed as a subject of discussion at the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting.

COBIA: the persistence strategy proposed in COBIA has been commented and comments will be provided to the Methods & Tools SIG for consideration. Views on the COBIA threading model need to be developed after checking how COLTT addresses multi-threading. The document explaining the main changes induced by COBIA in CAPE-OPEN will be reviewed by Malcolm WOODMAN and Michael HALLORAN to help the Methods & Tools SIG in their progress.

COLTT: its development will follow the current roadmap established for that piece of software, following input received from CO-LaN’s President. A webinar on COLTT 64-bit version in order to get input from software vendors and end-users on COLTT Controller functionality with respect to 32-bit and 64-bit is in the planning phase. Items to be incorporated in next version of COLTT are to be reviewed for development plan.

Next monthly conference call scheduled for August 4, 2017.


Any CO-LaN member with interest in the development of the set of software tools offered by CO-LaN is welcome to join. Please contact Malcolm WOODMAN, leader of the Interoperability SIG for further information.