The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group and the Interoperability Special Interest Group held  a joint meeting from 5:30 pm till 06:40 pm Central European Summer Time.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (represented by Bill BARRETT) as Methods & Tools SIG leader, AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Bryan Research & Engineering (represented by Michael HLAVINKA), Malcolm WOODMAN, as Interoperability SIG leader, Michel PONS (contractor to CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer).


Members of both Special Interest Groups revised the diagrams developed to help readers in the understanding of the versioning scheme applicable to CAPE-OPEN.

Consensus was reached on the diagram explaining what triggers changes in major.minor.patch.revision numbers. This diagram will go in the section on the nature of changes occuring in CAPE-OPEN interface specifications and the version number protocol developed accordingly.

Another diagram explains the negotiation taking place between a PME and PMCs on the CAPE-OPEN version to be used for the PME-PMCs interoperability. This diagram is meant to go within the section that discusses the selection of the CAPE-OPEN version number within a CAPE-OPEN session. The diagram needs to be further expanded to present a more general case. How to do that has been agreed upon.

Last but not least a third diagram has been sketched on how to explain what takes place between CAPE-OPEN sessions, considering that the CAPE-OPEN versions supported by the PME and PMCs involved may have changed in between CAPE-OPEN versions. More work is obviously needed on this 3rd  diagram.

The above reflects the fact that the text in the document is finalized but efforts are made to add clarity and a few diagrams may help there.

The next joint meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2023.