The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group and the Interoperability Special Interest Group held today a joint meeting at 7:30 pm Central European Summer Time.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (represented by Bill BARRETT), AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Malcolm WOODMAN, Michael HALLORAN (Contractor for CO-LaN), Michel PONS (contractor to CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer).


Build process of COBIA distribution packages

30 or so Unitary Tests exist and need to be included in the automated build process of COBIA distribution packages, making sure that the installation packages are built and the symbol store updated only if all these Unitary Tests are successful. The build process should lead to an installation package (MSI file) for the COBIA Software Developmernt Kit and to a zipped file containing merge modules for COBIA Runtime. Appropriate renaming of both the MSI file and the zipped file were decided, in part to reflect the version at which COBIA release is.

A scheme needs still to be developed to safeguard the symbol tables of each COBIA distribution and to safely update the symbol server at

Much like the document developed to explain how to make use of the merge modules for the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries/Primary Interop Assemblies, a document should be developed and distributed about using the merge modules that distribute COBIA Runtime.

Access and explanations about COBIA should be expanded on CO-LaN website for developers to find easily the necessary information and the COBIA distribution packages.

Next conference call for a joint meeting of the Interoperability SIG and of the Methods & Tools SIG was initially scheduled for February 17, 2021 then was reported to February 24, 2021.