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Approval date : 30/1/2001

ProSim has been a leader in the implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces ever since the early stages of CAPE-OPEN. Simulis Thermodynamics, the versatile thermodynamic server developed and marketed by Prosim, was one of the first CAPE-OPEN compliant Thermo System as well as Property Package Manager. ProSimPlus, their process modelling environment, is also CAPE-OPEN compliant, capable of using CAPE-OPEN Property Packages as well as Unit Operations. ProSim is also, in partnership with Fives, developing and marketing a stand-alone CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation, CO-ProSec. Their batch process simulators, namely BatchColumn for batch distillation and BatchReactor for batch reactor modeling and simulation, are capable of using CAPE-OPEN Property Packages as well.

Since 2006, ProSim regularly proposes training sessions on CAPE-OPEN, starting with one on-site at Rhodia and the one held at AIChE 2006.

In 2001 ProSim developed the Tester for Physical Properties Data Bank components under contract for CO-LaN. This Tester is an integral part of the CAPE-OPEN Tester Suite.

In 2006, ProSim developed for TOTAL the CAPE-OPEN FORTRAN Unit Operation Wizard that makes it easy to develop a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation using FORTRAN, especially when starting from an existing unit operation model in FORTRAN. The Wizard is available for use by CO-LaN Members. ProSim offers on-demand training courses on how to use the Wizard.

ProSim SA participates in the program supplying licenses of process simulation software to CO-LaN for test purposes (2012).

ProSim SA was awarded the CAPE-OPEN 2011 Award.

ProSim participated to the following meetings organized through CO-LaN:

September 2018: Alain VACHER contributed to the review of the Custom Data interface specification proposed by the Thermo Special Interest Group.

October 2018: video posted on ProSim YouTube channel about using HTRI XChanger Suite in ProSimPlus.