Logo ofIn 2006 TOTAL commissioned ProSim SA to create a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Wizard for unit operation models written in FORTRAN 90. While the Wizard remained the property of ProSim SA, TOTAL was awarded the right to use it and to distribute it freely. In October 2008 TOTAL donated the Wizard to CO-LaN for use by its Members.

Any Unit Operation made with this Wizard contains, after linking, some code that is the property of ProSim SA, code that for example found its way, with or without any modification, in ProSim’s commercial products such as ProSimPlus. To avoid any misunderstandings, it has been recently clarified the following by ProSim SA: CO-LaN is awarded by ProSim the right to freely distribute to its membership the so-called FORTRAN Wizard. Also ProSim SA does not claim any right on software components made with the Wizard. Consequently any CO-LaN Member using the FORTRAN Wizard to create a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is free to use the created Unit Operation component as the CO-LaN Member sees fit.

The software is distributed as it is: neither CO-LaN nor ProSim guarantees that the FORTRAN Wizard is free of any bug. The FORTRAN Wizard is not maintained at CO-LaN’s cost so any support on the use of the FORTRAN Wizard may be arranged directly with ProSim SA as well as training on how to develop Unit Operations written in FORTRAN. Such training has been delivered in the past to TOTAL and to IFP Energies Nouvelles.