HTRI Logo 150x57Through the following video, ProSim explains how to make use of Unit Operations from HTRI XChanger Suite into ProSimPlus. This demonstration of interoperability relies on CAPE-OPEN technology.

Three shell and tubes heat exchangers are set up in a ProSimPlus flowsheet, with material recycles between the heat exchangers. The video shows how the configuration of HTRI Unit Operations is identical to the configuration accessed by an end-user with the standalone HTRI software. So an end-user remains in a familiar environment all along. Being able to use HTRI software within a process simulator such as ProSimPlus gives access to the conditions of each stream in the flowsheet within one single calculation. The video shows how the conditions of each stream may be accessed.

The video shows there is no need for any coding, interfacing being managed by the CAPE-OPEN interfaces implemented in both ProSimPlus and HTRI XChanger Suite. Using ProSimPlus, an end-user may use third-party software such as HTRI XChanger Suite.

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