CO 2011 Award ceremony in LyonOn September 19, 2012, within the CAPE-OPEN 2012 Annual Meeting, Malcolm WOODMAN, BP representative in CO-LaN and President of CO-LaN, presented the CAPE-OPEN 2011 Award to ProSim SA for their active use of the standards and their continuous support for the missions of CO-LaN. Stéphane DECHELOTTE, ProSim CEO and Alain VACHER, ProSim CIO, received the Award.

In Lyon, due to technical problems manufacturing the plaque, CO-LaN was able to hand over to Stéphane and Alain only a paper copy of the plaque and some time later, Philippe ARPENTINIER, representative of Air Liquide in CO-LaN and a member of the Management Board, presented the actual plaque to ProSim in Toulouse.

ProSim invested in CAPE-OPEN early on, first through Simulis Thermodynamics which is both a plug and a socket for CAPE-OPEN thermodynamics. Apart from reviewing a number of specification documenys, ProSim has delivered CAPE-OPEN testers to CO-LaN (SMST and OPTI).

ProSim has capitalized on the experience gained and has worked for TOTAL on CAPE-OPEN, developing the Fortran Unit Operation Wizard now donated to CO-LaN, as well as by developing CO-SPEC and CO-OPTI modules used within the TINA project (This work has been published in the ESCAPE series). ProSim also worked in the background on the development of the TUWAX Unit Operation at Tulsa University in collaboration with TOTAL. This development was demonstrated at a CAPE-OPEN US session a few years back.

It is also worth mentioning that ProSim conducted the first training session on CAPE-OPEN: that was in San Francisco in 2006.

Now all major ProSim software tools are CAPE-OPEN compliant: ProSim Plus is providing a CAPE-OPEN UO socket, Simulis Thermodynamics is both Thermo 1.0 and 1.1 compliant and ProSim-Batch has recently achieved CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic compliance.