ProSim offers “on-demand” training sessions on the use of the CAPE-OPEN FORTRAN Unit Operation Wizard (for instance, ProSim will organize such a customized training early 2019 for one of its clients, an Associate Member of CO-LaN).

The Wizard, developed originally by ProSim under contract with TOTAL, was used in the work reported by TOTAL at the 4th CAPE-OPEN US Conference.

Through a user-friendly interface, the end-user creates the FORTRAN code to wrap an existing FORTRAN Unit Operation by declaring its parameters and its ports.The Wizard gives also access to a Material Object through calls in FORTRAN, allowing the Unit Operation code to request thermodynamic and physical properties from a thermodynamic server through CAPE-OPEN interfaces.

The course explains the basics of CAPE-OPEN and explains how to make use of the Wizard, going through a number of examples and, if needed, using the trainee’s FORTRAN code of a Unit Operation.

Contact ProSim through their website for any inquiries.