Logo of AmsterCHEMAmsterCHEM has announced today the release of a new version of its process simulation and modelling suite COCO that includes COFE, TEA, the COUSCOUS library of CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations and other applications. The distribution of COCO 3.5 includes ChemSep 8.26.

As mentioned by AmsterCHEM in its release note, COCO version 3.5 features:

  • Windows XP is no longer supported. Loading of DLLs is now quicker and deprecated API functions have been replaced by newer versions.
  • An x86-only Windows version is no longer supported. x86 binaries on an x64 Windows version remain supported.
  • Default implementation is now x64. Binaries no longer carry a “64” suffix. Binaries are separated in win32 and x64 folders.
  • Many changes were made to the Gibbs reactor. In particular, compounds that react to the full extent caused finding the exact location of the minimum rather difficult. Such compounds are now eliminated from the minimization problem and considered truly fully converged.
  • A new Stream Copier unit operation allows for creation of duplicate streams for side processing.
  • New algorithms are available for solving LMTD-based heat exchanger models.
  • Univariate solver is replaced by TOMS 748, in heat exchanger and compressor unit operations,
  • Fixed conversion reactor now allows for specifying reaction extents in terms of conversion rates,
  • In accordance with recommendations made by CO-LaN Methods &Tools Special Interest Group, the CAPE-OPEN put_SimulationContext method is now invoked prior to Load, InitNew and Initialize, ensuring that notification of any issue, especially in Initialize execution, can be made by the Process Modelling Component to COFE.
  • Make-up mixer now defaults to adiabatic operation instead of isothermal.
  • Make-up mixer is allowed to continue even if the make-up flow rate exceeds the specified make-up feed rate.
  • Crashes are fixed on creation of the meta file that serves as the previous image in the shell extension.
  • The length of the most recently used files in COFE is increased.
  • Reaction packages can now be saved and used, even if mass- or component balance is not satisfied. Such balance errors are replaced by warnings.
  • Any errors that occur during editing of a Property Package are now shown to the end-user.
  • For the sake of clarity, Stream Order is renamed to Stream Display Order.
  • Several improvements were made to the update process using COCO Update (CUP).
  • A revision of the water source code, available as open source, is provided.
  • CUP updates are now signed with a stronger key, and therefore less prone to supply-chain attacks. Please note that all COCO binaries are code signed.
  • COSMOtherm LITE is no longer distributed as part of COCO.

COCO implements many CAPE-OPEN interfaces, even draft versions like the Flowsheeting Monitoring early version. Discussion and support on COFE are available on the forum dedicated to COFE among the CAPE-OPEN Forums set up by CO-LaN.