Logo of KBCOn October 12, 2017, Richard SZCZEPANSKI (KBC Advanced Technologies) delivered a presentation within the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting. The presentation is available as a PDF (342 Kbytes). Richard is a senior advisor at KBC Advanced Technologies, a Yokogawa company. Richard has actively participated in CAPE-OPEN activities (with Infochem Computer Services Ltd.) ever since the Global CAPE-OPEN European project, activities that earned him the CAPE-OPEN 2002 Award.

Summary: “The current status of CAPE-OPEN support in KBC software products is reviewed and new developments are described. KBC’s views and priorities regarding current and proposed CAPE-OPEN initiatives are discussed. The topics covered include CAPE-OPEN Thermo, COBIA, self-certification of CAPE-OPEN compliance and Flowsheet Monitoring.”


  • Deprecating Thermo 1.0: KBC is supportive. Will continue to support the Thermo 1.0 interface in Multiflash.
  • New thermo specification: listed derivatives of phase equilibrium calculations and multiple points calculation as progress directions.
  • COBIA: KBC considers this as a very important project for the future of CAPE-OPEN.
  • Self-certification: welcomed initiative but needs to be defined in details.
  • Flowsheet Monitoring: may prove expensive to implement in PetroSim.
  • Petroleum Fractions: close to key business of KBCAT.
  • Persistence COBIA proposal: attractive
  • Type library installers: not used at KBC.
  • COLTT: not used currently.