On May 13, 2015, the CO-LaN Management Board has initiated a new process for designating the recipient of the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Award. Nominations are now requested from the CO-LaN membership instead of just from the CO-LaN Management Board as in the past years. Once the nomination phase has ended, the CO-LaN Management Board will choose the award winner out of the list of nominees proposed.

The CAPE-OPEN Award is presented every year since the creation of CO-LaN, to persons and organizations who have significantly contributed to the advancement of CAPE-OPEN.  These persons or organizations do not need to be CO-LaN members. Full Members as well as their representatives cannot be nominated.

The award, as a plaque, is presented at the conference dinner of the CAPE-OPEN Annual Meeting. Previous winners are Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (2013), Daniel WAGNER (2012), ProSim SA (2011), Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG (2010), SolidSim Engineering Gmbh (2009), Bill BARRETT (2008), Peter BANKS (2007), Jasper van BATEN (2006), HTRI (2005), Pascal ROUX (2004), Hans-Horst MAYER (2003), Daniel PINOL, Michael HALLORAN, Richard SCZEPANSKI (2002), Siegfried NAGEL (2001).

You are welcome to send a short message to Michel Pons (technologyofficer at colan.org) mentioning the name and affiliation of your nominee as well a citation of no more than 20 words reflecting achievements related to CAPE-OPEN. You may add further information that you feel relevant to your choice. Deadline for nominations is set to June 15, 2015.