The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network presented the first CAPE-OPEN Award to Dr. Siegfried Nagel in recognition for his outstanding contribution to open process simulation.

Dr. Nagel, born in 1939, joined Bayer in 1970 after a Master in physics and a PhD thesis at the Technical University in Aachen. He worked thirty years for Bayer mainly in the domain of technical computer applications and led Bayer’s CAPE group for a long time. A founder member and project leader of IK-CAPE (German Chemical Industries Consortium on CAPE), Siegfried Nagel was one of initiators and the first coordinator of the CAPE-OPEN initiative for open interface standards for process modeling software.

Together with other colleagues of major German chemical companies, he advocated for open process modelling environments at ESCAPE 5 in June 1995.

The award was given to Siegfried Nagel on December 6th, 2001 by Bertrand Braunschweig, coordinator of the Global CAPE-OPEN project, during the project’s final technical meeting in Cambridge, UK. The meeting, hosted by Aspen Technologies UK Ltd., was attended by around fifty participants from Europe, USA and Japan.