The CAPE-OPEN Award 2004 was presented by Peter BANKS (CO-LaN Secretary) to Pascal ROUX from IFP in recognition for his contributions to CAPE-OPEN. Peter’s words were: “On behalf of the CO-LaN Board, I am pleased to confirm that the 2004 CAPE-OPEN Award is to go to Pascal Roux of IFP. Pascal has been involved with CAPE-OPEN, Global CAPE-OPEN and the CO-LaN and throughout this time he has consistently brought technical ingenuity to the cause of open simulation. Pascal was involved in helping to establish the technical basis of the CAPE-OPEN standard and he created the first CO Tester, as well as many components for IFP. This award is in recognition of his sustained effort in applying his expertise to generating a lot of useful code and constructive suggestions. These are both things we will need a lot more of in the future! Pascal, I have great pleasure in presenting you with this year’s award.”