Logo of CO-LaN smallHere is a summary of what took place in November 2022.

CAPE-OPEN based applications

A new version of Multiflash has been released by KBC (A Yokogawa Company). Multiflash 7.3 supports COBIA-based CAPE-OPEN interfaces. See below about the release by amsterCHEM of a new version of their Python CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation.

Activities of Special Interest Groups

Thermo Special Interest Group has handed over to Methods & Tools Special Interest Group the draft of the Manager Common interface specification. Thermo SIG met 5 times in November working of the detailed specification of compliance and best practice tests to be executed on implementations of the ICapeThermoUniversalConstants interface and on the list of tests applicable to implementations of the ICapeThermoPhases interface. Thermo SIG also started the development of a new Errata & Clarifications document applicable to the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification. Such an Errata & Clarifications will make the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification consistent with the tests to be incorporated in version 0.2.2 of CO-LaN Test Suite.

Methods & Tools Special Interest Group met 4 times in November. Methods & Tools SIG approved the need for the release of COBIA in December. This new version of COBIA will resolve a few issues found while developing the on-the-fly generation of proxies for non-CAPE-OPEN COBIA-based interfaces, these proxies being used when matrshalling calls between applications. Methods & Tools SIG took several technical decisions on COBIA development linked to the use of libffi library for the above-mentioned on-the-fly generation of proxies. The versioning protocol, developed in common with the Interoperability Special Interest Group, has been progressed, espêcially the part dedicated to the handling of changing CAPE-OPEN versions between sessions.

Unit Special Interest Group met on November 9 to define the modifications to be brought to the revised Petroleum Fractions interface specification.

COBIA middleware

As announced in October, COBIA was released by CO-LaN on November 12 and immediately used by amsterCHEM and SINTEF. For example AmsterCHEM released version 1.0.15 of its Python CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation using COBIA while SINTEF delivered a COBIA-based CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation to the COMPEM project.

CO-LaN Test Suite

Work on the Test Suite has also significantly progressed within the current step that was launched on October 5.  Project held 4 meetings in November to assess the progress made towards version 0.2.1 and to take the decisions necessary to reach the milestone set for end of 2022, i.e. the resolution of all support tickets opened on the Test Engine.

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