Part of CAPE-OPEN standard version 1.1

The Petroleum Fractions interface specification allows Unit Operations to read and modify Physical Properties specific to the petroleum industry, such as cloud point, pour point, and Reid vapour pressure.

The interfaces allow for extending plug-and-play of Unit Operation components to the specific process operations present in the petroleum and gas industry (e.g. refining, upstream, etc…). Many of these specific Unit Operations are reactors (cat-crackers, hydro-cracker, etc…) that change compound property values (of Petroleum Fractions). Dealing with Petroleum Fractions rather than pure compounds requires special treatment.

Only interactions between a PME and Unit Operations on pseudo-compounds are considered. Furthermore only Property Packages native to the PME are considered. Hence interaction regarding Petroleum Fractions between PME and external Property Packages is not in the scope. Curve properties are excluded from the scope.

Petroleum Fractions Interface Specification: current document released in June 2023 (PDF, 907 Kbytes).