Logo of CO-LaN smallHere is a summary of what took place in January 2021.

For CO-LaN, 2021 starts a new period of 5 years that should see a lot be achieved.

2021 begins with exercizing the new funding model that calls for some Corporate Associate Members (only the commercial CAPE software vendors) to contribute to CO-LaN resources. CO-LaN sincerely thanks the Associate Members in Groups A (more than 20 Full Time Employees) and B (20 or less Full Time Employees) that have committed to financially support CO-LaN. The six Full Members in CO-LaN have also renewed their commitment to CO-LaN and are looking for new Full Members to join them in steering CO-LaN.

The additional resources are meant to support Phase III of the COBIA development project. Phases I and II of the project were successful with Phase II completed in October 2020 as reported at the CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting. However such a development effort has contributed to severely drain out CO-LaN resources and has called for the new funding model to be put in place at the last Annual General Meeting of Members held within the CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting.

In January, the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group, driving the COBIA development project, has submitted the scope of Phase III to CO-LaN Management Board for review and hopefully subsequent launching of Phase III.

The additional resources will also support the development of the certification process and of the testing suite. MR Woodman Consulting Ltd has been contracted by CO-LaN to drive this effort in 2021 and a work order has been proposed to CO-LaN Management Board for the high level design of the test-suite for Process Modelling Components, with initial focus on Thermodynamic Process Modelling Components.

For 2021, under the same conditions as in 2020, CO-LaN has secured the services of AmsterCHEM, Céondo GmbH and Marcus Bruno Fernandes Silva to undertake  software development of the test suite and of others pieces of software such as the CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool, the CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries/Primary Interop Assemblies and their installers.

CO-LaN welcomes Dr PAPADOPOULOS as the new representative of the Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) in CO-LaN. CO-LaN takes this opportunity to remind all Members that a representative should always be designated as primary contact for CO-LaN. Please check that it is the case.

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