Logo of CO-LaN smallHere is a summary of what took place in February 2019.

CO-LaN is pleased to welcome CGC Capital-Gain Consultants GmbH as new Associate Member. CGC is well known for its CC-API software product, the official Application Programming Interface for interfacing with CHEMCAD.

Associate Members are invited to request Consultancy Services offered by CO-LaN to improve or develop implementations of CAPE-OPEN interfaces. This scheme has been applied in the past to Aspen Technologies, Inc., to ChemSep, to Honeywell Process Solutions, to Virtual Materials Group, Inc., etc… and most recently to Intelligen, Inc. It is CO-LaN’s belief that such a scheme benefits to all end-users through the progress it permits in the offer of CAPE-OPEN based software.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been working hard over the past two months. The Methods & Tools SIG is developing the specifications for COBIA installation packages. The UNIT SIG has gone over most of the Petroleum Fractions interface specification document: remains the part on standardizing information on measurement techniques for Petroleum Properties. The Thermo SIG is progressing on its revision of the Chemical Reaction Package interface specification with the introduction of a Reaction Set Object deemed necessary to deal with the reduction of a reaction set when compounds are absent. The Interoperability SIG has progressed on the CAPE-OPEN TLB/PIA installers with a new version being tested successfully by KBC Advanced Technologies in order to deal with an issue they mentioned to CO-LaN. The Certification SIG is in the making with several meetings of its Technical Advisory Group.

Once more don’t hesitate to take the CAPE-OPEN survey if you have not yet. CO-LaN is grateful to IChemE for promoting the CAPE-OPEN survey in The Chemical Engineer. You may yourself distribute the link (see within the Post on the website) to anybody you feel could take it. Do remember that the survey is primarily targeted at end-users of CAPE tools, not at end-users familiar with CAPE-OPEN.

CO-LaN encourages you to publish on your experience with CAPE-OPEN as many have done so far.

Feel free to point to this Post within your organization.