Richard BAUR (representative of Shell in CO-LaN) has published today online in The Chemical Engineer an article explaining in a few words what objectives fulfills CAPE-OPEN as well as what are the benefits any end-user of process simulation software may get from CAPE-OPEN. Richard points to the fact that the number of Process Modelling Environments and Process Modelling Components implementing CAPE-OPEN are impressive and always growing, as well as the number of cases where it is used, just looking at all the publications mentioning such use.

Richard concludes his paper by inviting the reader to take the CAPE-OPEN survey.

Logo of IChemECO-LaN thanks the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) for their collaboration on this publication. Special thanks to Professor Richard DARTON who supported the idea as “a very worthwhile collaboration on standards” and to Adam DUCKETT, editor of The Chemical Engineer, who guided Richard BAUR and CO-LaN throughout this project.